What Does Donald J. Trump Do After Election 2020? Get ready for Trump TV

What Does Donald J. Trump Do After Election 2020? Get ready for Trump TV

President Donald J. Trump plays to win, and in this case, he wins no matter the outcome of the election. At the time of this writing, there’s still a slim chance that he will take the presidency for another four years. But a more likely scenario is that Joe Biden will win the electoral college vote. It’s a close race, and as one should expect, litigators will drag this out through lawsuits and ballot audits, possibly until January. They’ll investigate anomalies like batches of mail-in ballots that were reported as 100% for Biden in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan. The GOP will make the case that the election was rigged. But eventually, they will likely lose this battle, and Biden will be declared the 46th POTUS. So, why is this still a win for Trump?

Lame Duck Period

President Trump will spend every day between November 4, 2020 and January 20, 2021 focused on fighting the election results. He’ll drum up a tremendous amount of anger among his supporters. A few wackadoodles on both sides will do stupid things, but no, that does not mean civil war. Trump will brilliantly channel this energy in one direction: Trump TV.

Trump TV: The Biggest Conservative News & Commentary Network of 2021

Trump will keep the Republican base angry about the election to drive views and ad revenue, and every candidate in future GOP elections will advertise on his channel in future elections.

Within one year, he’ll have the biggest “conservative” news & commentary network. We’ll likely see Hannity, Ingram, and others leave Fox for Trump TV. The Trump family will make a fortune. This will be his legacy.

CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and Friends

You may have noticed that Fox has been testing left-leaning content lately. They even put Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate on air just prior to the election. Fox News knows they’re about to lose market share to Trump TV, and they will rebrand themselves as the most “fair and balanced” news & commentary network, rather than as a conservative TV station.

CNN and MSNBC will continue to report on Trump’s tweets. They’ll report on Mitch McConnell blocking the Dems, forcing Biden to issue an onslaught of executive orders.

The Daily Show and other comedy shows will devote energy towards ridiculing Trump TV and its viewers in the spirit of Jon Stewart’s commentary on Fox News.

GOP, Biden Impeachment, and the New Chess Board

The GOP. and Trump TV will attack Biden similarly to how the Dems and the mainstream media attacked Trump nonstop over the past four years. They’ll threaten him with impeachment. They’ll call him a communist. Questionable material on Hunter Biden and others will resurface. But, they will do it just enough to energize their base for future elections, because of one thing: the greater evil.

Kamala Harris is the Queen protecting the Democrat King. The GOP will consider Biden to be the lesser evil, so they don’t actually want him out until 2024. By contrast, the Democrat establishment may try to push Biden out before his term is over. Nancy Pelosi pushed for a nonpartisan commission on Article 25, to oust a president, and she said it wasn’t about Trump. If she was being honest, then there is only one other possibility: it was about Biden. Joe Biden’s team limited his public appearances, and many people questioned whether his gaffs were associated with dementia and other neurological disorders. Democrats can make history by installing the first woman president. They also need a candidate who will have the energy to go up against Mike Pence (or some other GOP candidate) in 2024, and Biden won’t be up for the task at the age of 81. If it’s Pence, he’ll have the full force of Trump TV and Trump’s tweets behind him, while he gets to play nice for the cameras. Democrats will accuse him of a lot, but they won’t be able to describe his rhetoric as apauling. That’s Donald J. Trump’s job.

Republicans will be the new “resistors” while Democrats bask in the joy of drinking right-winger tears. We just might see a series of one-term presidents until an outsider can come in to stop the madness and heal the country. Perhaps that great healer will come from outside of the duopoly.

By the way, Donald J. Trump’s rallies and red hats aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, either. He’s going to be the biggest televangelist we’ve seen since Billy Graham.

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